Custom Airbrush Tan

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Why get a Custom Airbrush Tan?


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You now have the option to choose between:

Dark, Darker, or Darkest

(depending on desired level of darkness and natural skin tone)


Our dark solution gives a custom shade for the in-betweener. Not to light, not to dark, this blend is perfect for those who want just a touch of color.

*gives the appearance of a light tan

(Recommended for light-medium skin tones)


This color and will give you the same golden “off the beach look” as the Dark solution would, just more intense. This color is recommended for skin which is naturally dark

*gives the appearance of a deep mid-summer tan.

(Recommended for all skin tones)


Venetian by Norvell, contains a violet undertone to remove the natural redness from your skin and turn it brown. The end result is a gorgeous, exotic “true brown” color.. Venetian is mixed with a punch of anti-oxidants and moisturizers, that not only replenishes your skin but boosts the life of the tan

*gives the appearance of a gorgeous olive tan.

(Recommended for medium-dark skin tones)



Prior to getting your Spray Tan: Shower thoroughly and exfoliate, this will remove dead skin, and provide a smooth surface for your tan to ensure even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan. DO not have deodorant, makeup, or lotion on your skin. We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing.

During your spray tan: Follow the instructions of the airbrush technician. You may wear swim wear or undergarments while being sprayed. The process will only take approximetly 10-15 minutes, plus time for your skin to dry.

Immediately After Spray Tan:Do not shower for the next 6-8 hours. Avoid getting your skin wet in ANY way  (bring an umbrella is it is raining, do not do the dishes, do not sweat excessively). This allows your tan to fully develop it’s color. Your skin will feel a bit tacky in some areas, this is normal!

Showering: After waiting the full 6-8 hours, you may now shower. Avoid exfoliating your skin (even when drying off with a towel). You will see the extra color your skin didn’t need rinse off in the water. Pat dry with towel, then you may moisturize using out Color Perfecting product.