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Skin Type Analysis

Knowing your skin type is easy and will help you make Smart Tanning decisions indoors and out. Here at Tropical, we use your skin type (based on the information you give us and your tanning history) to make sure you follow the Golden Rule of Smart Tanning : Don't ever sunburn!

This analysis is taken from the Internation Smart Tan Network's Skin Type Analysis Form and is easy to fill out, just answer the questions and add up your score.

1. What is the natural color of your untanned skin?

__(0) Reddish-white

__(2) White-beige

__(4) Beige

__(8) Light brown

__(12) Brown

__ (16) Black

2. What is your natural hair color?

__(0) Red, light blond

__(2) Blond, light brown

__(4) Brown

__(8) Dark brown

__(12) Brownish black

__(16) Black

3. What is your eye color?

__(0) Light blue, light green, light grey

__(2) Blue, green, grey

__(4) Grey, light brown

__(8) Brown

__(12) Dark brown

__(16) Black

4. How many freckles do you naturally have on your untanned body?

__(0) Many

__(2) Some

__(4) Few

__(8) None

5. Which best describes your genetic heritage?

__(0) Celtic Caucasian

__(2) Caucasian, light-skinned European

__(4) Caucasian, dark-skinned European

__(8) Caucasian, Mediterranean

__(12) Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, Hispanic

__(16) Aborigine, African, African-American

6. Which best describes your SUNBURN potential?

__(0) Always burn withour tanning

__(2) Usually burn but can tan

__(4) Occasionally burn but tan moderately

__(8) Seldom sunburn and tan easily

__(12) Rarely sunburn and tan profusely

__12) Never sunburn

7. Which best describes your TANNING potential?

__(0) Never tan

__(2) Can tan lightly

__(4) Can tan moderately

__(8) Can get a dark tan

Add up your scores and compare them to this list to find out your skin type. Read the description below to understand what your skin type means.

Score        Skin Type               

0-7            Skin Type I

8-21          Skin Type II

22-42        Skin Type III

43-68        Skin Type IV

69-84        Skin Type V

85+           Skin Type VI

Skin Type I: Burns easily and never tans. These people most likely have bright white skin, blue or green eyes and freckles, which usually reveals and English, Irish or Scottish heritage. People with Type I skin should not tan indoors or outdoors. THeir skin is unable to produce significant amounts of melanin to protect them from sunburns that can lead to skin damage.

Skin Type II: Can tan, but still susceptible to sunburn. Common traits include brown or blue eyes, red or blond hair and freckles. Heritage usually is English, Scottish or Scandinavian. Type II tanners should be cautious and take any precautions to avoid sunburn.

Skin Type III: Tans easily, but still susceptible to moderate sunburns. THe most common skin type in America. These people often have brown eyes, dark hair and Central European heritage.

Skin Type IV: Tans easily and almost never burns. These people often have dark eyes, dark hair and Mediterranean, Oriental or Hispanic heritage.

Skin Type V: Rarely burns and tans easily and cumulatively. These people have dark hair and eyes and are of Indian, American Indian, Hispanic or African descent.

Skin Type VI: Can tan despite their black skin. Never sunburns. THey usually have dark hair and are Africans, African-Americans or aborigines.