1 Session………… $16.50 **Special $11.00**

3 Sessions………. $41.99

7 Sessions……….$74.99

10 Sessions……..$99.99

What is High PressureTanning?

High pressure lamps produce UVA & UVB in different ratios than conventional tanning beds; just enough UVB to produce the melanin required to tan and a lot of UVA to oxidize the melanin and turn it golden brown.

What’s better? High pressure tanning or low/medium pressure?

Studies show that a combination of low/medium pressure and high pressure tanning produce the best and fastest results. High pressure lamps are fastest; a base tan can be established in as few as one to three visits compared to 10 or more visits for a low pressure bed.

What makes the TanAmerica/ISO Italia equipment different?

Until now, high pressure tanning units provided exposure on one side only, requiring the tanner to turn over mid-way through a visit. TanAmerica/ISO Italia equipment provides the 360 degree coverage usually associated with low pressure beds.

Why is 360 degree coverage important?

360 degree exposure cuts in half the time actually spent in the tanning unit; 12 to 15 minutes versus half an hour. Combine that with the fewer visits necessary to achive a base tan and suddenly the advantages of high pressure become apparent.

How quickly can I expect to tan in a high pressure unit?

High pressure tanning is the quickest way to get deep, golden color fast. When used in combination with conventional tanning packages, high pressure sessions will enhance your tan, making it deeper, darker, with a more luxurious bronze.

How often should my sessions be to maintain my tan?

Because high pressure units emphasize using longer, softer UVA rays, maintaining your tan requires just two or three sessions each month.

Does high pressure tanning cost more than conventional tanning?

Because your tan takes fewer visits to achieve and lasts so much longer, the cost of high pressure tanning is comparable to conventional tanning.